Reseach and development

Plants promotion

Our analyses and values are linked and based on their relevance. This is the reason why Botanicert has to dedicate a substancial part of its activity and business turnover to research and development.


* By HerbalGram / number 109 / February – April 2016

Development of identification or quantification methods

Botanicert is intensely and permanently investing in the research of innovative methods and looking forward to improving performance and relevance.

Study of the composition of plant species

Botanicert study and resolve the chemical composition of your produts (totally or only the part you are interested in).

Study of the activity of substances related to their structure.

Botanicert allows you enhance and promote your products by the research of active substances.


Botanicert can also guide you on various topics and through many aspects of the promotion of your plant product (from the redaction of regulatory files and bibliography study to the development of formulas for a new range of products, etc…).

*BotaniCert benefit from the CIR (french research tax credit) since 2011.


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