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source of our activity.
Transparency, Respect, Trust,
Rigor, Performance,
Innovation, Harmony.
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Helichrysum stoechas
A new vision
on the analysis of your products..

Botanicert is a well-established analytical laboratory expert in the plant field.

Whether it is for research or routine it dedicates his knowledge to the analysis of natural active ingredients

and plant-based products and has already distinguished itself on the plant market.

Our History

Business creation

BotaniCert was created in 2011 by Francis HADJI-MINAGLOU, Doctor of Pharmacy, ethnobotanist, pharmacologist and pharmacognosy expert.

Expert laboratory in the plant field, BotaniCert chose to settle in Grasse, historically known around the world as the capital city of fragrance since the XVIIth century.

BotaniCert was originally composed of 3 passionates and has grown today as a team of seven members.

Fondateur Botanicert

Our Commitments

The majority of the plants are still partially or completely unknown. They are composed of such a wide range of components and exposed to great variability depending on several factors.

They also are used in different forms (powder or extracts mainly). All these aspects make the analyses related very critical. Thus it is very important to be guided by a trustworthy laboratory with a specific knowledge.

What botanicert’s results provide for your products or raw materials is their safety by the authentication and assay of restricted substances and their effectiveness by the quantification of active substances.

In order to guide you through this process Botanicert offer a wide range of services :

To control

To control the identity of the plants composing your products

To secure

To secure your products with the detection of toxic or restricted substances and potential adulterations

To guarantee

To guarantee the effectiveness of the natural active substances by validating the presence and the content of the compounds of interest

To develop

To develop and validate on-demand analytical methods

To provide

To provide botanical standards for laboratories with the will to carry out their own quality control measures with a reliable reference

Our Mission and Values

As an expert-laboratory specialised in the analysis of plant material our mission is to guide our clients to the securing and the development processes of their plant-based products.

Our values mirror our culture and rely on strong ethical principles.
They set our duties and way of life inside the company and represent the foundations of our customer relationship.

The « COMPLETE » TRANSPARENCY ensures a perfect accessibility to the information and guarantees the integrity of our data and actions.

The « UNCONDITIONNAL » RESPECT of humans and environment.

The « FUNDAMENTAL » TRUST brings assurance and a safe feeling.

The « IMPERATIVE » RIGHT guides our action and leads us to bring the most relevant answers.

The « INVALUABLE » PERFORMANCE allows us to test our competences and our unique methods.

The « CONSTANT » INNOVATION encourages evolutions of our research by giving a fresh look to our field.

The « ESSENTIAL » HARMONY cultivates the personal and collective balance of our staff and partners.

Our Partners

Our laboratory developed an agreement of partnership with the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and mainly with the Chemistry Unit of the professional master degree FOQUAL.

BotaniCert maintains this dynamic and promotes the recruitment aprentices and doctoral students. By investing on young experiences and potentials Botanicert aims on bringing a fresh vision to the analytical and developement area in the plant field.

At the service of research and international collaboration, BotaniCert chose to make available its authenticated botanical references with the aim to give other laboratories an opportunity to add value to their analyses.

In order to facilitate the process, Botanicert has developed a partnership with Extrasynthèse, a company specialised in purification and retail of analytical standards.

The objective of the platform Erini is to provide companies with outsourced R&D capabilities, through high-performance skills and equipment.

With this aim of excellence and performance Botanicert decided to live at the heart of Erini.

Since 2014, Qualtech group has entered the capital of Botanicert by taking 20% stake in order to pool their respective skills to meet better customer request.


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